Registration procedures

Registration procedures made by us

Save yourself the formalities! Overview of registration service fees

Luxembourg icon

Luxembourg -> 290 €

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France -> 475 €

This includes:

  • Careful preparation inside and outside,
  • 20% fuel,
  • Anti-theft glass marking (ARGOS, European validity of 12 months)
  • Provisional registration and WW plates
  • European Certificate of Conformity (C.OC.)
  • Constitution of the administrative file
  • Delivery and handling of the vehicle (on our dealership)
  • Control of numerous safety points
  • Overhaul, according to the manufacturer’s maintenance plan

Register your car purchased from us

If you want to register your car yourself, we send you the pre-filled documents (invoice, registration request, transfer certificate, current vehicle papers, explanatory leaflet of the procedures) so that you can register your vehicle and bring it back. by the road.

The declaration of the purchase to the tax office on which you depend:

Make an appointment with your Tax Center, present:

  • Valid identity document (if the registration certificate has a holder and a co-holder, an identity document for each of them, front and back)
  • Proof of address (Gas, water, electricity bill, etc., dated less than 3 months)
  • Bill AeroAutofactoria
  • Old registration certificate
  • Bank check (or bank check according to the tax centers) for the payment of VAT (for a new car)

Presentation of the following documents to your prefecture where you will be given your provisional registration card:

Make an appointment with your Prefecture, present:

  • Application for registration certificate (completed and signed)
  • Certificate of assignment (completed and signed)
  • Tax discharge or non-tax discharge. You will be provided with a “fiscal discharge” within a maximum of 48 hours indicating that the vehicle is in a regular situation with regard to value added tax (VAT):
      • “Non-fiscal discharge” for a used car attesting that your vehicle is exempt from taxes (vehicles over 6000 km or over 6 months)
      • “Fiscal discharge” which justifies the payment of 20% VAT for a new car
  • Valid ID
  • Proof of address (Gas, water, electricity bill, etc., dated less than 3 months)
  • Bill AeroAutofactoria
  • Old Registration Certificate (provided by us)
  • for vehicles over 4 years old: technical inspection

The prefecture will send you the original of the registration document by post a few days after the purchase of the license plates after registration.