Cross-border purchasing:
Vehicles from EU

Peace of mind: a certificate common to the entire European Union

For a vehicle put into service after 1 er January 1996, the Community Certificate of Conformity (called Certificate of Conformity / COC in English), issued by the manufacturer, attests to the conformity of the technical standards of the vehicle, for all the Member States of the European Union.

AeroAutofactoria provides you with this document for any vehicle purchased.

A provisional registration for circulation valid for two months, renewable once, in the EU

AeroAutofactoria Prepare your car and the French provisional license plate team for you. You can travel in France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Italy, for example, with these plates.

For more information, you can consult the following pages:

The tax discharge: a compulsory document to be obtained from your Tax Center.

Visiting the Tax Center in person is mandatory to obtain a tax clearance.

The tax discharge (or tax certificate) indicates that the vehicle is in a regular situation with regard to value added tax (VAT). You need this document to obtain a registration document if you bought a vehicle, new or used, in a European Union country other than France. The following documents must be provided in originals and photocopies: the purchase invoice and the vehicle registration certificate (the “foreign registration card”) provided by AeroAutofactoria , an identity document in the name of the person who bought the vehicle and proof of your domicile in France.

Whether it is a new or used vehicle, you must present to the tax authorities to obtain a tax discharge.

For a new vehicle, you will have to pay French VAT (20% of the purchase price excluding tax of the vehicle). For a used vehicle, you do not have to pay the Tax Center anything.

Obtaining the French registration certificate and final registration plates.

You can take care of the process yourself or you can have it done by one of our partners.

The final registration in France must be done within one month of purchase and you will need the following parts:

  • Community certificate of conformity
  • The tax discharge
  • The sales certificate (purchase contract / invoice)
  • An ID
  • Proof of address
  • A registration request (form available at the Prefecture)

For more information, you can consult the sites: used-previously-registered-in-the-European-Union . (tax clearance).

Special diets

I live abroad. I would like to register a vehicle and leave it in France for my vacation. What proof of address to provide?

In accordance with the provisions of the Highway Code (article R322-1), any owner of a vehicle who wishes to use it on public roads in France must send a registration request to the prefect of the department of his choice, justifying his identity and his domicile in France.

You must, therefore, justify a domicile or elect domicile with a third party.

In the latter situation, the reality of the applicant’s residence at the host’s home must be proven by an official document (tax sheet, social security card, family allowance document, document from the Pôle Emploi, etc.)

Apart from these cases, the registration of your vehicle cannot be carried out.